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Integrated drone control system


    Integrated drone control system is an operation system that can efficiently perform tasks in various external environments by installing a control system (GCS) in the vehicle. RF, LTE, and 5G communication are possible depending on the operating environment, so remote control is possible over a long distance. Depending on the model, a total of three drones can be operated individually using a foldable console, and 1:1, 1:N can be operated per specification. Also, the radio between the drone and the GCS is higly secured with KCMVP. The integrated vehicle drone control system can operate lithium batteries in the mission space for more than 8 hours without a separate power supply, and two screens for each control device are arranged to increase operational convenience and increase space efficiency.


Fuel Diesel
Size 5,575 x 2,075 x 2,300mm
Operating Hours Mav 8 hours
Maximum load Max 3 drones
Equipped GCS 3 GCS
Screens 8 GCS
O/S Window 10
Communication RF / LTE / 5G